Hero’s Honor was born out of a desire and quite frankly, a need, to give back. Every quarter, a portion of our profits for that quarter will be given back to organizations who continuously help the first responder and military community.  

For 2022, we have established a relationship with the below charities for the First and Second Quarters. If you have a charity you believe would be deserving, please reach out to us a


2022 Charitable Partners

Q1- The Backstoppers

The BackStoppers® provides ongoing needed financial assistance and support to the spouses and dependent children of all police officers, firefighters and volunteer firefighters, and publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs in our coverage area who have lost their lives in the line of duty.


Q2- The Blue Light Family Foundation

The Blue Light Family Foundation’s goal is to assist First Responders and their Families within 48 hours of a traumatic on-duty injury. As First Responder supporters, we recognize that there are many outstanding charities that currently provide financial and other assistance to First Responders upon death or after an injury when all other insurance or financial options have expired. Our intent is not to duplicate their extraordinary efforts or divert any funds from their well established campaigns.